The goal of the Vine & Branch Plant Health Care (PHC) team is to meet the clients’ needs with an appropriate program based on the contents of their landscape. Plant Health Care is a concept which evolved from Integrated Pest Management, an idea developed back in the 1970’s (in the landscape arena). The Plant Health Care concept which Vine & Branch deploys is based on observation (monitoring), preventative application and proper intervention.

We encourage our clients to have good maintenance programs in place for their landscapes. A good maintenance program includes things such as good sanitation, proper pruning and the judicious use of fertilizer and pesticides. We feel that by proper plant identification along with proper diagnosis of insects, disease and nutrient deficiencies of plants, we can make a difference in the health of your landscape plants.

Vine & Branch strives to get to know your property so that we can better care for its needs. The team is continually upgrading their diagnostic and treatment skills to better serve you. We also stay in close contact with our plant health care partners at Purdue’s Department of Entomology, and with the Indiana State Chemists office.

The following are common problems found by homeowners & gardeners throughout Indiana:

Fire Blight
Bronze Birch Borer
Iron Chlorosis
Asian Longhorn Beetle
Japanese Beetles
Emerald Ash Borer
Dogwood Borer
Spider Mites
Lace Bug
Forest Tent Caterpillars
Eastern Tent Caterpillars