Founded in 1976, Vine & Branch, Inc. has evolved to its present position as a leader in the industry. Our staff includes four Certified Arborists, one Registered Consulting Arborist, and four State of Indiana Certified Pesticide applicators. In addition to these accomplishments, the Vine & Branch team is continually upgrading their training and skills. Vine & Branch is known for its service quality with a personal touch.

Vine & Branch will treasure your existing trees and take care of the ones that will be part of your memories in the future. The history of our own Vine & Branch house is rich and goes back through several generations.

History of the Vine & Branch House

The home is listed in the Hamilton County Interim Report as being built in 1874 by Hinchman Haines, with early occupants being the Bond family. Below you can see the Bond family outside the home.

Local folklore tells us that the house was part of the underground railroad. An early family homeowner reports having found shackles that may have been removed from fleeing slaves while on the property.

The area where the house resides (146th and Gray Road), was founded by Quakers and was part of the town of Gray, Indiana, a stopping place between Conner’s Prairie and Bethlehem (now called Carmel). The first postmaster of Gray, Indiana was Levi Haines (Hinchman Haines’ father), and was appointed by President William Henry Harrison.

Vine & Branch acquired the home in 1997, and began working on updating the exterior.

Initially, the downstairs was occupied with Vine & Branch Antiques, and the upper floor was used as office space for Vine & Branch, Inc. arboricultural and horticultural consulting. In 2005, the entire building became the home of Vine & Branch, Inc. and its staff.