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Damage Restoration



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Trees stand tall and majestic, adding grace and beauty to our neighborhoods. 

During some times of year, however, pounding wind and rain and lightning can

cause a great deal of damage, to your just trees, as well as your property.

After a storm, you should inspect your trees.  First, examine the canopy of your trees.  Look for leaves that are all clumped together.  This may be a sign of a broken, hanging branch in the tree which can easily fall.  Also, look for cracks in limb junctions.  Weak branch attachment increases the chance of one of the limbs falling.  If you have had cables installed previously, check them.  Call your arborist to repair them if they are broken or hanging.

Next, look at the trunks.  Look for any cracks, especially horizontal ones, which may be a sign the tree has cracked from the wind.  Long cracks running the length of the trunk could be an indication the tree was struck by lightning.  Also check for wounds and cavities, which may also be a sign of decay.

All of these signs of weakness could possibly cause serious damage after a storm.  If you see any of these, or are unsure about any of your trees, call a Certified Arborist for an evaluation before the next storm arrives.  Keeping your trees healthy is the best protection against storm damage.

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