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Woodland Evaluation

A woodland evaluation entails an inventory and analysis of the trees, flora, fauna and site conditions on a property.  Woodland Evaluations are used for project planning and property management.  They are also used for determining compliance with local ordinances.

Reports can include:

  • Inventories of trees by species, abundance and condition.

  • Inventories of plants and animals seen, heard or detected by sign.

  • Detailed descriptions of each different habitat type on the property.

  • Tables of species distribution, tree size, class, etc.

  • Maps of the area including topographic maps, aerial photos, land use cover, etc.

  • Photo documentation of the property and findings.

  • Management recommendations based upon your objectives and goals.

Homeowners, property managers and developers all use this type of data when they are planning projects on their properties.  With this information you can answer many of your management questions:

  • What is the condition of this property?

  • What needs to be done?  What is in good condition and what needs more work?

  • What do I have?  What do I need?

  • What wildlife do I have on my property?

  • What would i need to do to attract more?

  • How many large, timber sized trees are on the property?  Is the time right for a timber sale?

  • How does this property comply with local ordinances?

  • And many more......

Using this information and answering these questions enables us at Vine & Branch to create a detailed management plan including things like:  tasks, deadlines, equipment needs and schedules.

Would you like to know more about your property?  Let our professional Arboricultural and Ecological Consultants help you



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