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8:00 am to 5:00 pm
4721 E. 146th Street

Carmel, IN  46033

Phone.  317-846-3778
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National Safety Award – Outstanding Company Contribution for the
           Vine & Branch Tree Risk Advisory Form and Program


2005 Tree Care Industry Association - Safety Award, Outstanding Company Contribution for the Vine & Branch Tree Risk Advisory Program.

Vine & Branch, Inc. of Carmel Indiana is recognized for its Hazard Tree Recognition and Visual Tree Assessment program. First, the company took the time to fully educate its entire staff so they could better educate clients. President Jud Scott authored a nine-part series of articles, first published in the Indiana and Michigan Builders Journal. It has since been picked up by Indiana Parks and Recreation magazine, and excerpted in various newsletters for local building associations as well as arborist groups. The company also engaged in an extensive letter-writing campaign as part of its overall PR efforts.


The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA formerly National Arborist Association) recently recognized Vine & Branch, Inc. of Carmel, Indiana, with an Outstanding Company Contribution award for its outstanding effort to provide a safer community with its Tree Risk Advisory program. Promoting safety in the field is one of TCIA’s core values, because after all, safety is fundamental to success in this industry, Promoting Safety in the community is a core value for Vine & Branch Inc. Vine & Branch was recognized for instituting a Tree Risk Advisory program including a form which is sent to clients, parks departments, municipal foresters, homeowners and neighbors to clients informing them of trees which pose a risk to the general public.

Vine & Branch has also authored a seven issue series for the Indiana Builders Journal as well as numerous articles for the Indiana Arborist Association Newsletter, Indiana Nursery and Landscape Association Magazine, Sites Magazine for Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis concerning recognition of trees which present a risk. All of these efforts have been made in effort to educate the General Public concerning their State of Indiana, Supreme Court mandated "duty to inspect their trees to insure that they do not cause harm to the general public."

The awards were bestowed at TCIA’s Annual Winter Management Conference at Frenchmen’s Reef, St. Thomas in February.


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